Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stickers (or di-da)

Most kids love stickers, no? The line up for a tiny little sticker at the end of storytime at the library says it all. So when I came across this sticker activity book yesterday I had to buy it. At the time I didn't realize that there was a place to put the stickers and started to wonder whether I'd be peeling stickers off of the fridge and the walls. But upon further reviewing the book, I realized that this was going to become a more enriching activity than I thought. 

The book contains hundreds of stickers of animals, airplanes, cars, kids.. and more. Each image is on a coloured background and is numbered. At the front of the book is a place designed for each sticker with the matching colour background, number and name of the image. It's certainly suited for older children, but I thought we'd give it a go.

This evening we sat down at the kitchen table and flipped through the book. The airplane caught her eye and so that is where we started. We put a post-it note on the airplane page and we put a sticker on the page where the stickers are placed that correspond with the airplanes and cars (for easy flipping back and forth). I helped peel the sticker and gave it to Violet to hold. I then let her tell me where the sticker should go by looking for the matching colour and shape. While doing so I called out the corresponding number so that I could match it.. although she's not looking for the number as I am, I think it helps her to hear different numbers spoken. She even repeated some of them.

We got through posting several stickers in their correct locations and her concentration was high. Here are a few pics... I love the last picture where she's thinking about the helicopter.






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