Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Lesson in Crossing the Road

This long weekend has been SO beautiful! Yesterday morning we especially took advantage of the lovely sunshine by taking a long family walk down to the lake. Taylor, with a coffee in hand, and I pulling the wagon with Violet sitting nicely enjoyed the brisk walk, making it to the harbour in no time. We enjoyed strolling along the river admiring the boats followed by a stop at the park to indulge Violet. It was at the edge of Lakeside Park where we released Violet's wagon strap and she was off! *Knowing the risk that she may not sit for the ride home.

She's been really cute at the park lately. She LOVES the swing most of all and often will say "I wait" since when it's in use, we tell her "you have to wait". She obliges happily and says "I wait" whether or not it is actually in use. After a little play time we were able to pull her away from the park by incenting  her to see the bunny. "I walk" she says. No luck getting her into the wagon. No problem (no surprise). We're not in a busy area, she can walk. We're practicing our patience, asking her to "walk this way, this way" or "how about your push the wagon", anything that keeps her moving in the direction we need to go in to get home. At this stage we're a little tired and she's tired no doubt and fighting any attempt to sit in the wagon or be held while crossing the street. A few blocks over we get to a busier area. I'm all for letting her walk rather than constraining her to a carriage or wagon when she's interested in moving.. but crossing the road has become an issue. 

From day one, I've told her you need to hold my hand or else i have to pick you up to cross the street. It hasn't quite sunk in. So yesterday, I turned it into a game. As we approached a stop sign (or any street crossing or large driveway entrance for that matter) I'd say "..and STOP" and sign 'stop' and come to a halt. Then say, "let's see if any cars are coming.." and when we confirm it's clear say "ok, let's go"! The activity of the stopping and actions seemed to occupy her enough to hold my hand through the street crossing and off we went walking home!

It's never too early to find opportunities to instill good habits. It's just on me now to keep up the 'crossing the road game' consistently enough that it becomes a habit.. and hopefully the novelty won't wear off too quickly..

A little video clip of our little walker/wagon pusher.
*Not to self: Remember to hold the camera in landscape mode!

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