Saturday, September 5, 2009


A cute little story about taking advantage of the bright full moon we had last night..

Background: Grandma (Nana) brought Violet a book about the moon that has a glowing crescent moon on it that lights up when you press it. She LOVES this book and loves pointing out the 'airplane' which is actually a space shuttle, but whatever..

Last night: We point out the full moon to distract her from getting grumpy on the way home from going out for dinner way too late. We get home and stand at the edge of the driveway pointing up at the moon, catching a glimpse of it shining between the tall trees. Both Taylor and I are repeating "moon, moon" and Violet says "sun".. lol! To her, the moon is a crescent and the sun is circular. We continued to say "moon" and when we admired it once more from her bedroom window before turning down the blinds she said "sun" again. Too funny! We tried, it will come..

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