Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Parrr... (!)

...K! Parr-k. Violet learned how to say 'park' about a week ago (vs what she used to say which was 'Par"). She learned in the most unexpected bizarre way. We weren't going to the park, at the park or even necessarily talking about a park. We were reading a book called "My P sound box" where the girl with the letter "P" on her shirt walked around collecting things that start with the letter P to put in her box. We got about 5 pages into the book when she walked up to a sign that said 'park' - no picture of a park - just a wood sign with the word 'park' on it. 


From that moment on that book was known as the 'park book' and all she wanted from that book was to find the page with the park sign and point it out. That's what I call a teachable toddler moment. ParK it has been since then!

As much as I want to teach my little girl certain things, she will guide her own learning and rather than interfere with that, she will lead the way. To that end, I've created this blog to document and celebrate the little moments of discovery.  I hope you enjoy reading along and contribute your ideas to foster creativity, critical thinking and most importantly a love of learning for our children.

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