Monday, February 1, 2010

Craft Time!

"Craft time" has become a regular event in our household in the last couple of months. I'm loving the opportunity to expose V to different textures and the principles and elements of art (as a die hard artistic person all my life). Violet just loves the idea of touching and exploring the materials. Seeing 'our' creations is a bit of a joke amongst my friends because it is clear who had the most fun in the process.. (the crafts are a little too pristine to be the result of little toddler hands).. but I'm working on letting her take control and get messy!

At this stage, touching and feeling the materials is key. But the end product is not to be under estimated. Violet squeals 'craft' in delight while pointing at our creations every time she catches sight on our work on display throughout the house. She's proud of what we create which promotes good self esteem and team work (even if I am controlling the craft most of the time! ;)

This craft was inspired by one of my favourite craft blogs No Time for Flash Cards . The Marshmallow Snowman helps promote fine motor skills and concentration. It's actually really age appropriate given the main material is edible!

Exploring the marshmallow for the first time.

Squeeze! Hmm..

The result!

Practicing peeling stickers and sticking them. This was her idea - really!

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