Friday, October 16, 2009

Ba-by.. Ba-by.. Ba-by Signing Time!

My twenty-one month old daughter has been singing "Ba-by Ba-by Ba-by Signing Time". It's hilarious. She's completely out of tune and the fact that she's attempting to sing when she's just learned to string words together speaks volumes for how obsessed she is with this series! She has been obsessed with Baby Signing Time since we introduced it to her when she was 7 months old.

Violet's first time watching Baby Signing TIme.


At 7 months, she would squeal with excitement and smile ear to ear (especially in between scenes when the black transitional screen would appear which I found interesting). Now she requests the videos by saying "I want Baby Signing Time". She is captivated by the video from beginning to end, often dictating what will come next and always requesting "more Baby" or "one more time".

There have been times when we wonder "how much is too much"? She requests it in the car and whenever she sees a laptop. We usually give in to her guilty pleasure on longer car rides and while getting dinner ready on occasion. As of lately she's averaging 1-2 viewings per day. More than I would like, but I have to admit she has learned a great deal from these videos. First off, she LOVES watching them. Her face lights up with excitement when Rachel introduces Leah, Alex and especially Hopkins. Not only can she identify and name almost every animal, she can sign them too! The best part.. it's not only tolerable to listen to time and again but I actually find the tunes really catchy.

So, my take on Baby Signing Time? Be warned that it IS crack for babies (if your child is anything like mine) but I think the benefits far out-weigh the neurotic behaviour that may ensue.. "You can share what's on your mind.. Baby Baby Baby Signing Time!" :)

(I highly suggest getting the audio cds as well for the car when the dvd is not an option.. it saves us on many long drives!)


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