Friday, October 2, 2009

Shh! Listen!

I've been using the line... "Shhh! Listen!" over the last several weeks long after we returned the book it was inspired by to the library. The book is called  How Loud Is a Lion? and it is a book worth buying! (I'm not getting paid to say that.. unfortunately.)

It has beautiful graphics made up of a stitched layered fabrics, not to mention it's key line has come to my rescue many a times when Violet is in crazy mode and unable to focus. After a loud "Shhh! Listen!" she stops immediately to listen. Every time I remember to use this line.. I thank the author of this book for writing it. It's seriously become a little tool in my 'how to calm my child' toolbox.

Here's a sample line from the book: "Parrots are feathery, porcupines are prickly, But how loud is a lion? Shhh! Listen!" Other reasons I love this book: it introduces several types of birds and animals, it introduces adjectives, it reads like a song, after a few reads my 19 month old was holding her finger up to her lips in anticipation of the "Shhh" part which was just precious!


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