Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teachable Moment: Apple TV

Ok, so TV isn't the greatest use of a child's time, I admit. But there are a number of shows she enjoys and I think some learning takes place. Plus we all have our guilty pleasures!

We just got Apple TV this weekend. One thing it's already been great for is playing YouTube videos. Calliou and In the Night Garden are the current favourites. But.. as for the teachable opportunity in Apple TV.. the search screen. While Violet's in eager anticipation of watching her show she has to patiently wait for us to enter each letter into the search field. It's a crazy slow process as the remote is the basic up/down function which means scrolling through a table of letters - we wish their remote had a keyboard. That would make more sense. But on the bright side, as we spell out each letter one by one Violet sees the letter brighten to a glow once it's been selected. I think in some small way this is going to help her with her letter recognition. Yeah, that's it.. so tv is good. Right?

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